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From The Blog

  • Internet Application Design Services

    Is your web site looking a little bland?  Want to add dynamic content but don't have the time or money to do it?

    Penguin Software Works is now offering web services at a low cost for small business and non-profit organizations.  After working in the credit union industry for over eight years, I know how tough it can be to find a cost effective solution on a tight budget.

    Web Services
    Web page development (single)

    $45 per hour (2 hr minimum)

    Internet applications (project)

    Quote by project

    Revising/Maintenance of existing pages

    $45 per hour (1 hr minimum)

    Monthly service plans available

    More info to come

    All development work is guaranteed to be free of bugs and is thoroughly tested before released. We specialize in developing internet applications for use on Windows NT and 2000 servers.
  • Stranded Deep the Video Game

    Stranded Deep is a video game that allow you to take the role of a survivor after a plane crash into the Indian Ocean. You get to experience the harsh condition of the Ocean as a single survivor, and you have to find ways to hunt for food by fishing the marine life. This software should be compatible with your PC. In case you see a 'missing dll error' when you first launch the video game, ensure you install DirectX by getting it from Microsoft website. Ensure you have a Winrar installed in computer since the video game may come as a compressed file. You can download stranded deep free, video game, gaming can be downloaded online by visiting the site where you can get Stranded deep Free download. It works very decently, and I have personally been using it a lot over the past few weeks. The Gameplay mode places you in a random island, this just after your jet crashes into the Indian Ocean. You swim to the shore to start off the game. Stranded Deep has the day and night features which allows you to enjoy the hunt during these day cycles. As a survivor you will be in constant need for water and edible food. You will also need to sleep but remember that it is not safe at night due to aggressive nocturnal animals roaming in search of food. The raw food/fish that you get is not also effective against hunger. Finding sticks will help you to build campfires that you will use to roast your food. The game puts you in a position where you have to be creative and smart for your survival. Stranded Deep tries to bring an entirely new simulation in video game applications by creating an adventure that resembles the challenges faced by characters in the infamous TV series Lost. The story-line is great and the gaming graphics are tolerable. Stranded Deep has gone a long way in involving marine life as opposed to other games focusing on land escapades. The whole game is designed to train you as the player to know how to manage the scarce resources effectively in order to survive. As a player of Stranded Deep, you are supposed to amass natural island resources like stones, tree branches, and vines. These resources will help you in constructing tools, shelter and building hunting weapons. The ultimate goals are for you to build a raft and eventually escape the island. After you finish making a single building, another one is unlocked at a more advanced or sophisticated gaming level. If you succeed you will be able to go back home. The general terrain of the game can be modified in the console before you begin the adventure. Several awesome subsets of mission exist in Stranded Deep, these includes fighting off raptors (that are usually hungry for your blood) or rescuing a Kiwi bird. These task are set with a time limit in an attempt to make the game interesting. You can also design maps using an built-in in order to ease navigation across the Island. The link provided above will lead you to MEGA website, where you can freely download this video game in a compressed format. MEGA extension/site will work best with Google Chrome or Mozilla while downloading Stranded Deep.
  • How to create an unique video game

    How To Develop Outstanding Video Games

    Many of our users have decided to ask us how to start developing, and some has even went so far to ask: "How Do I Create A Video Game That Will Kick Ass?", Now a questions like this isn't very easily answered. http://farmingsimulator2015freedownload.wordpress.com and are two examples of two video games that managed to reach a lot of succes. But the first question that we gotta ask ourselves is: How did they manage to get this popular and big? Now this is most likely very easy to answer as the answer to this question will come to you instantly if you know these two games. They are original. There is simply not one game that was released before this one, that was looking anything like this video game. So they are their own, and they have their own gameplay. Now when you have established something along the lines of that you have a very good point to start from. What you wanna do thereafter is to move towards making sure that your game has an endgame. There is nothing more annoying than when a game has no endgame content. It really sucks and shouldn't be something that we woulds see very often, but it does. And so many games has been destroyed because of it. But the games that are super popular such as Runescape, World of warcraft. Those fellas have a original game, and they have the endgame. This makes sure that if the nerds get hooked onto it, they will have a very hard time to get off the game. Reason  being is simply because they have no reason not to play it. Because it litterally never gets boring for them so they can just keep on grinding. With this we can conclude that the most succesfull games are the addicting ones. Now that is pretty obvious because if a lot of people plays the specific game, they will tell their friends about it. And within weeks the viral effect has spread. Just think about it, when you played CSGO or WoW. How many friends did you tell that you played this game? How many friends do you think started playing this specific game because you recommended them to? There will be more than you think, but you definitely had an influence on their chocie. And most of us has been so addicted to a game where we can easily say that we got more than 1 person playing the game. Now if that person tells 2 other people about the game, it will spread and go viral like crazy. And that is how big game companies such as Blizzard and jagex were born.
  • what to do

    Our Servers Are Currently Doing Maintenance

    Yes guys, we are extremely sorry to tell this. But our systems are currently expecting maintenance so you will have to stay on tight and wait for us to get done with what we are doing. You can see a countdown on when our maintenace will stop. Again we are very sorry about it, but this is all that we can do about it at this time, and will be working on something more automated that will work while you also have ability to use our programs. Expect that this will stay like this for the next few months but our developing team has something up for works, and are very excited to try it out in action whenever we get to that point of time. So please stay on tight. Our community manager has come up with some tips to stay motivated and some other things that you could be doing while you wait!

    Tips to stay motivated while waiting

    • You could go ahead and get yourself a playstation to relax with. We at the team have personally went ahead and gotten one that we use for our relaxation times where we just like to relax as much ass we possibly can, with a decent tool. This allows us to get to know eachother in whole different ways allowing us to befriend eachother. Technology is definitely slowly beating Sony, and they simply cannot seem to prevent everything from happening. Some decent ps4 themes have been released, and Matt simply cannot play his Playstation without this simple addon.
    • Go outside and enjoy the sun. We gotta remember that sun is crucial for our bodies to be able to live a totally normal life, and without sunlight you simply are not going to go very far. So stack up with the sunlight since there are no sunscreens that will give you free sun vitamins like that.
    • Go play a creative video game. We recommend Garrys Mod Free to spend some time with a really creative video game that will get your head thinking. A really creative sandbox game that is simply a game that can be played by all ages: from kids to elder.
I have been using PenguSoft's products for so long and they have been a huge help in administrating my business. Definitely made me raise some extra bucks. - Najraj Maslen