Who creates gambling software?

There’s no better moment for a gambler than when you’re on a winning streak. During such moments, you have not a single care in the world and all that matters to you is the next spin or round of card deals.

Fast forward to when the streak is over and the losses come flooding in. You will never find a punter more philosophical. You try to think about everything that could be bringing you such ill-luck, from the homeless man you ignored on the street to the neighbor you failed to wave at during Christmas.

Among all the philosophical thoughts, however, is how the gaming system works. Is the system set to read your thoughts? Or is it automatically designed to rob you? Who created this thing anyway!?

Well, here’s the answer to this question so it doesn’t have to bother you next time you are playing or strategizing.

Casino games, whether in land-based or online casinos, run on a computer software. The software is written by developers who have learned to code as their trade. Code may be taught as a general skill, but gaming software developers are required to be creative and innovative so as to be able to incorporate some vital gaming aspects.

Things like ‘live streaming,’ where you see your game progress in real time, and ‘live dealer’ that allows you to see the croupier as if you were in a real casino require a lot of dedication and skill to achieve.

Gaming software is, however, not always made by the specific casino you play in. Yes, some houses like 888 gaming develop software and run casinos, but most outfits operate on a B2B model with companies like Aristocrat and 1X2 Gaming to have their software developed. You therefor don’t need to look at the casino proprietor to determine whether you can trust their gaming machines.

Some gaming software companies have been in the market for decades. They were involved in creating code for actual casino machines before computers gained prominence and online casinos became commonplace.

While machines are marketed as ‘carrying an edge for the house,’ they usually have a fair chance for both parties to win