Why are so many online casino sites the same?

Look at almost any online gambling site – from new start-up sites to some of the most established players in the web gambling game, you’ll notice that there are rather a lot of similarities across the various sites. You’ll see the same types of table games, remixed into a few different formats and an endless array of slot machine type games pushing the same branded tie-ins. All of this raises an obvious question for the first time player – why are almost all online gambling sites more or less the same and how do I choose between them?

The answer is that many online gaming websites aren’t actually developing the games and software themselves. They’re simply taking a game that’s produced by a third party and ‘white-labelling’ it with their own brand. This means that it’s possible for almost anyone to open up an online casino with minimal effort and time. This actually presents an opportunity for an online player who truly understands how the system works. If casinos aren’t able to compete with each other based on the quality and selection of games that they offer (and most of them can’t), then they have to find another way of standing out from the vast field of other operators that are competing in the market.

In general, they will do this by offering sign-up bonuses and quick cash out methods. Anyone who has spent even a few minutes looking at an online gaming website that they haven’t used in the past will have been bombarded with offers for free spins, matched deposits, matched bets and all sorts of other offers that are designed to give that casino an edge over its competitors. Casinos do this because it’s an easy and simple way for them to differentiate themselves without having to pour time and money into developing new games. Players can generally be advantaged by these offers but it’s important to set a little time aside to read the small print of any offer to make sure that you truly understand what you’ll be getting when you sign up.